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Ergonomics Sit-Stand Desk Ergo-Mini 01

Ergonomics Sit-Stand Desk Ergo-Mini 01
Ergonomics Sit-Stand Desk Ergo-Mini 01
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  • Model: Ergo-Mini
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Ergo-Mini 01

✔️Ergonomic Sit-Stand Desk Support Your Wellness and Productivity✔️

------Best for Work From Home/ Home-Based Study------

Ideal Solution

  To implement a healthier & more productive ergonomic workspace at office/home. 

Perfect Size:

 40 x 66 cm will fit on any desks including a corner desk.

Height Adjustable Range

14~45cm Lifting by motorized converter vertically. 

Partial Assembled

Simple installation required, just sit on top of your existing desk will do.  
Great Capacity

Support up to 16kg and would be able to add-in multiple monitors. 

Embedded Groove

 Embedded Groove holds mobile phones/tablets/pens to keep them in place.

⭐Material/Packing Size/Weight

 HDF+Steel+Plastic/980×670×215mm/ Weight 16 kg

Singapore Local Support

Whatsapp +65 9320-4968 / Email: 

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